Naissance d'un mouvement

In 2020, I sorted out more than 10 000 thousand pictures from my family shots between 1920 /90s. I scanned a thousand of them, and finally kept less than one hundred. These was the ones that I could have shot myself.
This come back to the roots of my family told me also a story about French identity, decades after decades. In parallel, i have scanned and edited pict from my life in China 2007-2014. In 2007 i moved to China to take distance on my roots, and turned my back also to figurative photography, to meditate on abstraction, to take distance on my feeling, on my emotions. When I came back years later to these box of souvenirs and emotion, I closed a loop. This editing is a dialog between these 2 series to merge them in one. France/China, figurative/abstract, the unknown/the familiar... it's a dialog between opposites.